Free Translator provides a mobile-optimized interface for Google Translate that makes it much quicker and easier to perform language translations.

If you've ever used the Google Translate tool then you'll know just how great it is for translating text from one language to another. However, Free Translator offers a slightly more convenient way of using the service on your iPhone.

Once Free Translator is launched you need to click on the source language then select a target language, from the choice of 32. Then, just type in the text you wish to convert and click the 'Translate' button for an instant translation. You even get the choice to email the translated text with a single click, making it ideal for writing to foreign friends, colleagues or customers on the fly.

Because it uses the Google translation engine, Free Translator provides fairly accurate and comprehensive results, although, of course, it's still not perfect. The one major drawback of the program though, is that it requires an internet connection into order to work.

One thing I think that could've enhanced the usefulness of Free Translator is some kind of speech feature to help you pronounce words in other language.

Free Translator is useful for anyone who needs to interact in different languages, although it won't tell you how to say the words.

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Free Translator 1.9.5

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