Imagining Theme

Imagining Theme 2.0

Attractive, stylish BlackBerry theme


  • Very attractive wallpaper image
  • Bouncing icon feature


  • Doesn't add anything new


Imagining Theme is a free BlackBerry theme that brings a stylish new look to your phone.

The abstract background wallpaper image provided by Imagining Theme is excellent. It consists of a series of colored bubbles in front of a blurred background, making for a cool, elegant look for your BlackBerry.

The Imagining Theme also brings some rather fetching bouncing home screen icons to certain models of BlackBerry. Highlight one of the icons from the toolbar and it will bounce up and down for a couple of seconds.

Be aware that when you install the Imagining Theme, it will automatically add a shortcut to the developer's web site in the BlackBerry menu.

Other than this icon bouncing feature and the elegant wallpaper, Imagining Theme doesn't bring much more to the BlackBerry OS interface, but it's still worth trying out if you're looking for a stylish new image for your device.

Imagining Theme


Imagining Theme 2.0

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