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If you're constantly looking for new ways to organize your life, then you might find that MSD Organizer fills a gap that other programs have failed to.

Using MSD Organizer has many advantages, not least that it saves you time and effort trying to keep track of what you have to do next and when you have to do it. The program doesn't win many marks for visual appearance - it's not exactly the most attractive organizer I've ever seen but what it does excel in is organizational features - there's just about nothing that you can't enter into MSD Organizer.

This includes everything from managing your daily activities, your phone book, and banking transactions to, if you're managing a business, your dealings with clients, suppliers and other contacts. MSD Organizer even stores essential passwords and usernames for your favorite sites and applications so that you don't waste valuable time in that department either. As an additional bonus, MSD Organizer also lets you print out and save schedules and even histories in PDF format so that you've got a hard copy in case of any crashes to your system or confusions in your appointments.

You can set MSD Organizer to encrypt your saved data, which is important, as you could pretty much store all your important personal data here. The main problem with MSD Organizer is related to this - it's so extensive you may not feel safe with so much information entrusted to one application, however good it is. It's size also makes it a bit clunky. It's resource heavy and can be slow at times.

If you're looking for a full-featured information manager, MSD Organizer is a fully comprehensive organizer that caters for every conceivable need.

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