Naruto: Ultimate Battle

Naruto: Ultimate Battle

Fight Naruto characters in this 2D beat 'em up


  • Play Naruto characters
  • Simple Controls
  • Local two player mode
  • Unique special moves
  • Four difficulty levels


  • Tiny fighters
  • Too easy in one player mode
  • No online fighting

Not bad

Naruto: Ultimate Battle is a fan-made 2D beat 'em up, where you can take control of one of the characters from the extremely popular Manga series, such as Naruto, Sasuke or Sakura.

Naruto: Ultimate Battle looks like an early 90s beat 'em up with one exception - the characters. Whereas the old fighting games feature big sprites facing off against each other, the fighters in Naruto: Ultimate Battle are tiny! To begin with you have to configure your keyboard controls (two players can use the same keyboard), and play a short tutorial.

In Naruto: Ultimate Battles' single player mode you choose a character then fight the rest in sequence. There are four difficulty modes, but this isn't a very subtle game. As long as you've got a reasonable quick finger, you can pretty much beat the game with a single repeated attack.

However, while the single-player mode doesn't offer much fun, the two-player mode is what Naruto: Ultimate Battle fans will enjoy most. Fights are much better with two players squeezed onto one keyboard.

Naruto: Ultimate Battle is a really basic beat 'em up, but it's clearly been lovingly made, and Naruto fans will still enjoy it.

Naruto: Ultimate Battle

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Naruto: Ultimate Battle

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