Build your own personalized home page


  • Offers lots of useful widgets
  • Highly customizable
  • Share your pages with others


  • Clunky user interface
  • Some widgets don't work properly


Pageflakes allows you to create your own customized homepage for the web, made up of widgets and news feeds relating to things you're interested in.

When you first create your Pageflakes site, you set your location and the kind of content you want to display from a list of things such as news, sports, music, movies and games. Your Pageflakes page will then be generated. The page is made up of a series of editable widgets, known as 'flakes'. This can be picked up, dragged around, resized and place wherever you like on the page.

Your Pageflakes page can be set to display as your default browser home page. And doing so is not a bad idea considering the kind of useful stuff you can display with flakes. Besides news feeds, Flickr image feeds and video galleries, it can show the top of your Gmail inbox, your Facebook account, and even the local weather for the next few days.

You can add as many Pageflakes pages as you like, and one of the great things about the site is that these can be shared with the user community. You can access and follow other people's Pageflakes pages using a section known as Flakecasting.

The Pageflakes user interface is in need of some improvement. Closing and moving flakes around is fine, but resizing windows has to be done manually, and adding new pages feels very awkward. We also experienced problems with some of the widgets not working properly (the podcast feeds, for instance), or no longer being operational.

Pageflakes is a very interesting concept, allowing you to tweak your own, tailor-made starting place for your internet sessions.


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