Very good

Zombie Frontier is another shoot 'em up game with zombies.

The point of the game is to survive while earning money to unlock guns, buy ammo, and kill zombies. The interface of Zombie Frontier has a free mission system where you can choose different missions like survival or rescue. These missions have different difficulties, and you are armed with different weapons.

You can obtain money through an in-app purchase, but Zombie Frontier actually gives you a lot of money to purchase supplies upfront. The higher level weapons cost in-game currency, but you can continuously upgrade your standard pistol and sub-machine gun.

You move the reticule with the left side of the screen and fire with the right. You can also reload, throw grenades, and heal yourself on the right side of the screen. Zombie Frontier adds a great option of buying ammo during levels by simply tapping on the weapon.

Gameplay is pretty repetitive, and you never really feel like you are in danger because you can throw grenades or spew bullets into zombies. The graphics in Zombie Frontier are decent for the type of game it is. They are not really detailed and as objects get closer to your position, their depictions will be more and more pixelated.

Zombie Frontier is fun, but in short bursts rather than grinding through the game.

Zombie Frontier


Zombie Frontier 1.23

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